top 5 reasons why we need website for business

“why we need a website for business?”

that’s a valid question everyone with a business have when we approach them to make their own website. Steve Jobs also asked ‘why’. He challenged every single operation within his company. Everyone, from the engineers to the accounting staff, did things creatively because Jobs would ask them why they did things in a certain way and answering, “Well, that’s what everybody else is going” solely wasn’t good enough.

Here are our list of top 5 reason we need a website for  business-


More and more people everyday are searching online for things they need,to compare prices for solutions to their problems, or just to get any information about a store, restaurant or business before they purchase from them. If you don’t have a website, potential consumers will go to your competitors who do have some information about their offerings online, especially if you are a home-based business without a bricks-and-mortar address.

You may be thinking, I have a “freebie” website that I can built myself, why should I pay for someone to do it for me? There are several reasons why I don’t recommend “freebie” D.I.Y.(do it yourself) websites, which I address elsewhere, but even a “freebie” website is better than no website at all. However, if you are somewhat tech savvy and have the time to build your own website, I strongly recommend you at least use WordPress with a professional theme and that you pay for web hosting with a reputable web host.

2. More customers

In excess of 2.4 billion individuals utilize the web each day, and somewhere in the range of 90% of those have bought something, or reached an organization, online over the most recent a year. So by not having a site, you will pass up a major bit of the pie.


In its most fundamental shape, think about a site similar to an online brochure or list that can be refreshed whenever. It is substantially less demanding and snappier to refresh data about your items and administrations on your site than it is in a print brochure or inventory.

A site is a compelling method for acquainting your clients with new administrations, telling them about new items, declaring up and coming occasions and exceptional advancements. You can likewise give included an incentive by posting tips, assets and other data through a blog on your site. Not at all like print promotions, daily paper articles and flyers, which rapidly wind up obsolete, your site can give current data and news. What’s more, in the event that you find a mix-up after you distribute a page or post, it is a convenient solution.

A site can be far beyond only an online brochure or list however. Presently we have YouTube videos, Podcasts, Webinars, eBooks and other online media to exhibit our abilities, aptitude and items, give online classes, courses and workshops. Also web-based social networking reconciliation which empowers you to share data on your site over various different channels and contact an even more extensive gathering of people.


Regardless of what sort of business you’re in, a site is an extraordinary place to showcase your work or exhibit your abilities. By including a portfolio, picture exhibition or videos, and in addition testimonials about your work, you can show what makes your organization or you novel.

A while ago when I initially composed my unique article, there was no Pinterest or Instagram. Presently 9 years after the fact, many individuals are utilizing these social media channels to showcase their work. In any case, is your intended interest group on Pinterest or Instagram?

On Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels, the nature of your photographs or designs is imperiled and the size might be considerably decreased. That as well as Facebook and other social media channels control how individuals connect with them and even WHO can see them.

In the event that you have a site, your portfolio can be seen by everybody anyplace and you are responsible for what individuals see, the quality and size of your photographs, and how individuals collaborate with those photographs.

That, as well as did you know, much of the time, once you post your work on these social media channels you never again claim the rights to those photographs and they could be being sold to use in those supported advertisements you see all through your course of events?


I addressed this point in number 5. Time is money, so they are regularly connected together. Sparing time is another extraordinary motivation behind why your business needs an expert site.

Time is an imperative ware in our regularly expanding quick paced world regardless of whether you don’t join a fiscal incentive to it. The vast majority nowadays don’t have enough time for leisure, joy, family or solid exercises. Having a professionally composed site spares you time both in the short and long haul.

By giving data to your clients online, you can spare an immense measure of significant time that you would otherwise spend imparting to your prospects.

Conversing with clients on the telephone, in dispatcher or messages, eye to eye at gatherings, organizing occasions or public exhibitions, everything requires significant investment. Making flyers, brochures and other special material requires some investment – time to design, inquire about, convey to your creator, printer and so on. Also the time expected to distribute your promoting material.

With a site, you can spare time by giving data about your items and administrations in different online configurations—illustrations, video, ebooks, flip books—or as content ideal on the page—no distribution required. Once your site is up and running, it is accessible to your clients uncertainly, sparing you time conveying a similar message again and again to various individuals.

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